• A unique way to increase activity

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Tilt Active Lever Rocking Chair

Why Use A Lever Rocking Chair ?

The articulating frame allows the user to move their own body weight and initiate rocking. Repetitive use feels good and boosts your activity level. The rocking motion is relaxing and trains balance.

"This chair is a necessity."

"Not only is it a great and low impact abdominal workout, but it's also wonderful for calming anxiety."

Emma H, Director of Digital Marketing

"I get lost in the motion."

"A great way to decompress and strengthen your core"

Carol B, Community Health Nurse

Rocks Great

It’s a great chair; it exercises my arms and rocks great.  I did 30 minutes today and I am feeling stronger in my body and my legs.  

Jake, age 91

About Us

Tilt Active was founded in 2018 by John Duke and Jonathan Haisman. We make our chairs in an 1863 mill building in Pawtucket. The Tilt Active Lever Rocking Chair is a versatile way for people to increase their daily activity level. For many, it may be a great way to keep moving while watching television. Whatever your age or fitness level Tilt Active means more time exercising muscles that are critical to our health and ability to move.

Call us on 401-281-9138 if you want to know more.