TILT ACTIVE Lever Rocking Chair

A unique chair that helps users keep moving and stay active. 


We have 1 remaining ex demo chair available for $995.

Free delivery to RI, MA & CT. 30 day money back guarantee.

Sitting still is bad for your health.

Sitting still can lead to a decline in fitness, strength, and general wellbeing. The TILT ACTIVE lever rocking chair is designed specifically to keep you moving. In situations where you would normally be sitting still, Tilt can help you stay active.

Product Information

TILT ACTIVE Eastern Ash $1400

Sustainably harvested ash hardwood, hand finished and protected with a 2 part, zero VOC, hard wax oil that emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood grain. Due to the variability of the wood the final color will vary. Steel frame with a dark grey powder coat finish.Seat cover charcoal grey, durable, and stain resistant Crypton fabric.


Walnut wood  available by request.


“While I know the originally intended purpose of this chair is for an engaging abdominal workout, I cannot say enough about the unintended benefits of this fabulous chair! Not only is it a great and low impact abdominal work out, but it’s also wonderful for people who have anxiety and/or have habits like fidgeting, picking, etc. The chair immediately calmed my anxiety and the rocking motion was soothing, the handles kept me engaged, and I was much more focused on what people around me were saying. This chair would be incredible for meeting rooms, homes, waiting rooms – literally anywhere. It’s like the weighted blanket you can have in your office! This chair is a necessity. ” 
Emma H, Director of Digital Marketing.
“I have owned my Tilt Chair for over 6 months.   It not only has helped with my plan to strengthen abdominals but has provided a form of stress relief.   I have been working long hours the past three months.  Coming home and being able to sit and rock and get lost in the motion provided a form of stress release.   After all, have you ever seen anyone rock in a chair and not smile!    A  great way to decompress and strengthen your core.”
Carol B, Community Health Nurse.