Active Lever Rocking Chair Benefits:

  • Core exercise and strengthening can prevent back pain.
  • Reduction in health problems associated with prolonged sitting.
  • An enjoyable way to exercise.
  • Exercise while watching TV or during a meeting/discussion. 
  • Rocking chair use can have a positive effect on balance and psychosocial well being 

About Us

Tilt Active Corp was founded in 2018 by John Duke and Jonathan Haisman. The company is located in an 1863 mill building at 80 Fountain Street in Pawtucket, Rhode island.John Duke was the inventor of the WaterRower indoor rowing simulator in 1987, and served as president of WaterRower Inc. until the sale of the company in 1998. The WaterRower continues to be manufactured and shipped worldwide from its factory in Rhode Island. John has returned to exercise equipment after two decades work as an independent inventor in other fields (hydrokinetic turbines and wave powered autonomous submersibles). The original kernel of the idea of the TILT ACTIVE rocker was a way to aid fall prevention among seniors, by providing a comfortable way to maintain abdominal core strength. But it has happily become more than that.

Jonathan Haisman’s  background is in medical device marketing and development. He worked in the orthopedic division of Stryker, primarily on instrumentation for spinal surgery. Jonathan’s interest in the TILT ACTIVE rocker was driven by the increasing number of back pain patients looking for realistic, non surgical ways to help themselves manage what has become the #1 cause of disability worldwide. Core strength is critical to spine health. Many people, for a variety of reasons struggle to maintain core strength and fitness.

We see the TILT ACTIVE Lever Rocking Chair as a versatile way for people to exercise and increase their daily activity. For many, it may just be a great way to keep moving while watching television, with the added satisfaction of a smooth and enjoyable rocking motion. For others, it may satisfy an individual need to improve abdominal core strength.  Whatever your age or fitness level, TILT ACTIVE means more time being active and more time exercising trunk muscles that are so critical to our spine health, posture, and ability to move.